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BOSIET – Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training inc HUET

This course is designed for those who require an OPITO approved BOSIET course in order to work in the Offshore and Maritime Industry.

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The aim of this course is to provide participants with an understanding and awareness of the hazards encountered when working on offshore installations and the safety regime and safety management systems in place to control and mitigate those hazards.

This course also provides participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency whilst offshore and to enhance their survivability in the event of an emergency through proper use of emergency equipment and procedures.

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Receive a safety induction covering:
    • Industry and installation overview
    • Offshore hazards
    • Industry and installation overview
    • Offshore hazards
    • Managing offshore safety
    • Controlling offshore hazards
    • Regulating offshore safety
    • Living and working offshore
  • Take appropriate actions following:
    • A controlled emergency descent to a dry landing
    • A controlled ditching on water
    • A partial submersion of an aircraft
    • An aircraft capsize in water
  • Understand what actions to carry out in preparation for a helicopter ditching
  • Correctly use an Emergency Breathing System (Rebreather) and transit suit for helicopter travel
  • Prepare for the abandonment of the offshore facility and manage the survival process
  • Carry out correct actions when mustering and boarding as a passenger of a TEMPSC (Totally Enclosed Motor Powered Survival Craft) during launch operations
  • Correctly fit a helicopter strop and adopt correct body posture during winching
  • Correctly use hand-held portable fire extinguishers
  • Correctly use small bore fire hoses and fire blankets
  • Use appropriate self rescue techniques using a smoke hood
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A valid medical that meets IFAP’s guidelines must be presented prior to undertaking the practical components of the course, to prove participants are medically and physically capable to do the training required. (Please contact IFAP to enquire about accepted medicals).

NOTE: IFAP can assist non-swimming participants with basic water skills training prior to the course, however this must be arranged in advance.


Successful completion of the assessment requirements will provide participants with an IFAP photo ID card and an OPITO certificate.

  • Photo identification must be provided – Passport, Australian Driver’s Licence or Proof of Age Card only will be accepted.
  • Participants must bring a swimming costume.
  • Overalls, boots and shoes for wet and dry practical exercises are provided together with towels for showers. Lockers are also available.
  • For the in-class session, clean casual clothing is required and covered footwear is essential (no high heels). It is requested that where possible jewellery is not to be worn and valuables not brought to the centre.
  • IFAP holds no responsibility for lost or stolen valuables. We also recommend that participants do not wear contact lenses (or glasses) in the pool, therefore suitable containers should be brought to store lenses.

NOTE: IFAP’s BOSIET course exceeds the standard OPITO course in some content in order to meet Australian regulations and company requirements.


OPITO will allow an individual to refresh a BOSIET course within a four-year period. However, this duration is a maximum time frame and the actual refresher period is still dictated by each country’s legislation or company requirements. The BOSIET Refresher course is the OPITO approved FOET (Further Offshore Emergency Training).