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Fast Rescue Craft Operator (FRC) offered until 29 October 2020

MARF016 Carry out fast rescue craft operations

This course is designed for those working in the Offshore and Maritime Industry and charged with the responsibility of operating and crewing a Fast Rescue Craft (also known as Fast Rescue Boat).

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Dates: See below
  • Location: Fremantle

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This course introduces participants to the techniques, methods and problems associated with the launch, operation and recovery of fast rescue craft including rescue techniques for personnel in the water. It meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organisations (IMO) model course “1:24 Proficiency In Fast Rescue Boats”.

*IFAP does not require a prospective learner to prepay fees in excess of a total of $1500 for Nationally Recognised Training

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On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Maintain the fast rescue craft for operations
  • Prepare fast rescue craft and crew for operations
  • Take charge of a fast rescue craft
  • Respond to craft, equipment and crew emergencies or malfunctions
  • Locate and retrieve casualties
  • Recover the fast rescue craft


Upon successful completion of the assessment requirements and being deemed competent, participants will be provided with:

  • A Statement of Attainment issued by IFAP (RTO Code 1907) for MARF016 Carry out fast rescue craft operations
  • An AMSA Course Completion statement, issued accordance with Marine Order 70 (Seafarer certification) 2014, for Proficiency in fast rescue boats—Reg VI/2 Code A-VI/2 table A-VI/2-2 (subject to prerequisites)


Participants are then able to apply to AMSA for a Proficiency in fast rescue boats (STCW Convention, as amended) endorsement.

Participants must bring a swimming costume.

Overalls, boots and shoes for wet and dry practical exercises are provided together with towels for showers. Lockers are also available.

For the in-class session, clean casual clothing is required and covered footwear is essential (no high heels). It is requested that where possible jewellery is not to be worn and valuables not brought to the centre.

IFAP holds no responsibility for lost or stolen valuables. We also recommend that participants do not wear contact lenses (or glasses) in the pool, therefore suitable containers should be brought to store lenses.

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