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Suppress and Respond to Urban Fire

PUAFIR203B Respond to urban fire & PUAFIR302B Suppress urban fire

This unit covers the competency for responding to an urban fire where offensive and defensive strategies are used, when working as a member of a team, under direct supervision and limited supervision when suppressing an urban fire.

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  • 2 Days
  • North Lake

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This unit covers the competency required to identify and avoid workplace hazards and risks, to maintain personal safety and to report identified issues to supervisors and team members.

Required Skills:

  • apply a range of extinguishing media to fire
  • apply natural and mechanical ventilation techniques to structures
  • control fire environment by cooling fire gases
  • operate a range of firefighting equipment
  • operate breathing apparatus
  • undertake salvage and overhaul
  • work as a member of a team to attack and extinguish fire
  • apply extinguishing media to the fire
  • control fire environment by cooling fire gases
  • implement search and rescue procedures
  • move in smoke and darkness
  • obtain water from reticulated/static water supplies
  • operate a branch
  • operate a fire extinguisher
  • use BA and BA equipment
  • use structural entry techniques

Required Knowledge:

  • appropriate procedures for breathing apparatus control
  • fire behaviour and the factors which impact on its spread
  • firefighting media and their suitability for the different classes of fire
  • firefighting strategies and methods of attack for extinguishing fire in a range of structures
  • personal protective clothing and equipment (including breathing apparatus) requirements
  • procedures for reporting and recording incident details
  • use of ventilation techniques, including:
  • assisting in fire suppression activities
  • facilitating evacuation of occupants
  • maximizing visibility within a structure
  • minimizing damage
  • preventing a build up of toxic or explosive atmospheres
  • providing clean air
  • use of firefighting equipment and application techniques
  • BA procedures
  • basic signs of fire cause and activities for protecting evidence
  • behaviour of a building/structure in a fire
  • extinguishing media
  • fire behaviour
  • fire ground signals (audible and visual)
  • fire tetrahedron
  • firefighting foams
  • firefighting tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • hazards
  • identification of various building types including structural elements and materials, causes and signs of structural failure
  • map reading
  • methods of heat transfer
  • natural ventilation procedures
  • organisational procedures
  • portable fire extinguishers
  • principles and methods of extinguishment
  • procedures for working with ladders, ropes, lines and tying knots
  • safe work practices
  • salvage and overhaul
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Successful completion of the assessment requirements, will provide participants with a statement of attainment issued by SETS (RTO Code 52334) for PUAFIR203B Respond to urban fire & PUAFIR302B Suppress urban fire.


This course can be conducted at IFAP’s North Lake (WA) training facility or at any facility that has a suitable classroom and training area.

There is a maximum number of 12 participants per program.


PUAFIR207B Operate breathing apparatus open circuit and HLTFA311A Apply first aid.