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Safety Leadership for Supervisors

This course is designed for anyone in a supervisory or team leader role, or who intend to move into such roles.

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This course equips persons who have accountability for safety and health with the skills to lead and motivate teams, communicate information within and across organisations and to implement best practice safety & health improvement initiatives.

Continually improving safety in the workplace is an integral part of the role of Front-Line Supervisors, Team Leaders and Line Managers. Leadership skills are essential in order to encourage and support teams to perform at their best and to recognise and rectify safety and health risks in their workplace before accidents or incidents occur.

Participants will be required to provide evidence that they have understood the training and have applied it in their workplace. This requirement means that it’s not possible to complete all of the assessment requirements during the face-to-face training.

Participants will be given a two month timeframe after attending the course to complete the assessment.

Expected Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand and apply knowledge of OHS/WHS legislation
  • Communicate with team members, clients and stakeholders
  • Apply leadership principles to the team
  • Assess and identify unacceptable risk
  • Conduct hazard and risk identification
  • Apply risk management processes
  • Deliver a presentation to achieve meeting outcomes
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Once all activities have been completed and assessed, participants will be issued with a certificate of completion


Participants will be presented with the opportunity to access IFAP’s operating workplace environment in order to complete all assessments. Participants are required to wear enclosed shoes on both days of training.